Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Washi Tape Creations

Today I wanted to show you a few washi tape ideas. Here are some :)

This idea is not quite my own idea I found it on pinterest and just took my creativity and added the letter C for my name. Also every time I get new washi tape I add on to the design.

This one is probably my favorite, because I came up with this idea. Basically, I just took a boring stapler and turned it into a pretty and colorful stapler!

I also saw this idea on Pinterest, I have to admit. Its my iPod charger that I just decorated, and it became a beautiful charger. This idea is also nice because it helps you know its your charger.

This picture shows all of my washi tape, and as you can see I am still collecting them. I also have a cute box for them you can also see in the picture. So there are some ideas to help make boring items into pretty ones. It is a fun activity and easy to do!

Monday, August 29, 2016

A New Year of School

Today I started 8th grade! I am home schooled, if anyone was wondering. The summer sadly has said its goodbyes therefore, I must start school. Some things I started today are Pre-Algebra, Church History, and Latin. I have been doing Latin for awhile which I can't say I love, but it teaches me much about vocabulary.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Summer Days

Summer days are some of the most enjoyable days of the year. Especially when you have time to take a minute to savor every moment. One of my favorite things to do is write in my journal and share my thoughts to my journal. I love to look back at my journal and see all the things from many years ago and see what I have written down. I also love to read the Bible and do my Bible study. The Bible is the best book that you could ever read.

George is also always there to join me in the pleasant moments in the day!

Another activity I like to do on summer days is take polaroid pictures. This polaroid camera is actually not my own, but I share it with my family. The pictures their are mostly of my friend Laura and me, but of course, my cats Serena and George too. Be prepared for their will most likely be many pictures of the cats on my blog.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

My First Post

For a good while now I have been urging my mom to let me start my own blog. Finally, she has agreed. I am tremendously happy!
   This picture I have posted is my new full-size violin. I began taking violin lessons four years. I love to hear the sound of it singing to the Lord. 

I also play the piano, which I absolutely love to play.The piano is a instrument that I can go to and time passes quickly as I play, with my fingers sweeping across the keys in contentment.
   What I have told you is only a" little note" from a musical dancer's journal.