Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Washi Tape Creations

Today I wanted to show you a few washi tape ideas. Here are some :)

This idea is not quite my own idea I found it on pinterest and just took my creativity and added the letter C for my name. Also every time I get new washi tape I add on to the design.

This one is probably my favorite, because I came up with this idea. Basically, I just took a boring stapler and turned it into a pretty and colorful stapler!

I also saw this idea on Pinterest, I have to admit. Its my iPod charger that I just decorated, and it became a beautiful charger. This idea is also nice because it helps you know its your charger.

This picture shows all of my washi tape, and as you can see I am still collecting them. I also have a cute box for them you can also see in the picture. So there are some ideas to help make boring items into pretty ones. It is a fun activity and easy to do!


  1. I really love the washi tapes that you have collected so far.

  2. Thanks! I just bought some new ones yesterday :)

  3. You do have creative fun with your washi tape!