Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Cry Out 2016

Last week I made a trip to Indianapolis. The whole trip started when my mom registered to attend Revive our Hearts Women's Conference. My dad kindly volunteered to be her chaffeur to Indianapolis leaving me no choice but to tag along. In fact, I eventually found out that they  had a Teen Track especiall for teen girls. I had a great time and I am very glad I went. So here are some pictures.

This is a group of sweet girls I met while I was there. It was so great to meet them!
Also, we are standing in front of the name of the women's conference,"Cry Out 16".

This next picture is of the girls of Girl Defined, Kristen Clark and Bethany Baird. I loved meeting them in person. Check out their blog,  Girl Defined. 

This is the book that they wrote. I bought it when I was in Indianapolis. They even signed my book!
The book is about God's radical design for beauty, femininity, and identity. So far I am enjoying it.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

My 2015 Vermont Mission Trip

Today I wanted to just share with you a little bit of my Vermont mission trip from last summer. I went to Vermont with a few people in my church, me being the only one under fifty.
This picture is just of a gorgeous flower outside the church we visited.

This is all the people that I went with!

This is me helping paint a church that needed work. We were the ones to clean and paint the church. In fact, I did enjoy doing SOME of the painting.

I wanted to leave you with this breathtaking view from a deaf women's home we visited. She had a gorgeous area for people to come and pray, while walking around  enjoying all of God's beautiful nature He has created.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Posing with Friends

Today I wanted to show a few pictures of my friends and me. All these pictures also might be from a while ago.

This picture was taken on my birthday this year. Laura, who I have already mentioned before, is on the far left. Next to me on the left is Lydia, who has the blog "Mountaintop Talk". Gianna is beside me on the farthest right (and if you can't tell, I'm  the one with the scarf in the middle).

This is my friend Drew, that I met at the beach about four years ago. Ever since then we have met at the beach ever other year. We did start out as pen pals, but it eventually turned into texting and FaceTime.This picture was taken during the summer.

Another picture of Lydia, my dear friend!

 This is a picture from a very long time ago with Laura, my crazy but great friend!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

A Day Without Cats is like a Day Without Sunshine

Today I'm going to tell you about my sweet cats!

This is George as you have already meet. He is always in a position for the camera. George is a laid back cat, who goes with the flow. Also an inside cat, who's dreams of escaping outside. I love George!

This is Serena a sweet cat full of love. Her name Serena describes her, for she is serene. She is a inside cat that loves to be with you wherever you are. She is not sociable around our guests, but very attached to my family. I love Serena very much!

Just a random, but cute picture of George and Serena.

Now I want forget to mention our outside cat Louie. He just showed up at our house with the most wonderful personality. We like to say that he chose us. Louie is a family loving cat, who is very enjoyable to be with. I also love Louie! What can I say I just adore cats.