Friday, January 20, 2017

~Little Women~

Sometime last year my friend, Lydia, and our moms, decided to begin the journey of making a Civil War dress. We had read the enjoyable book Little Women, which did influence us! In the last month of 2016 I finished my dress. We wanted to have a Tea party with our hard- labored for dresses. I will say that I can't image making all my clothes. I feel quite sorry for the women in Civil War times!!! Anyway, here are a few pics of the dresses.

This is my dress...don't laugh at my pose, I was trying appear 1860ish☺

This is a picture of Laura ( she was wearing Lydia's mom's dress ), Lydia, and me in our dresses!
P.S. My mom took this beautiful picture!

Its 2017

Happy 2017! I hope your year has started out joyfully. Here is a few things going on in my new year.

I not sure why, but I love this photo it is just so cute! Its taken with my friend Laura.

You are probably wondering what the purpose of this pic is. I really took it for my Instagram, but I  thought it showed a little bit of what I got for Christmas. So for Christmas I got an Eno hammock( you can't tell in the picture but it is purple and blue) as my biggest present and I absolutely love it! The corkcicle water bottle is mainly from my grandma. She had given me some money for Christmas, and I chose to buy this awesome thermal bottle. Mostly all I have to say about my New year!

Sorry, I forgot to post this so, you get see two posts in one day!