My Creative Journaling

So I wanted to start a page on all my creative lettering/ journaling, I really hope you enjoy seeing my work!😁

Here is one that I recently did, I bought some awesome Brush Pens, that I have really enjoyed workig with! So as you can see it says,"Be Creative". Just a simple reminder and I thought it was cute.

Sorry for not posting in a while, I will try to post more often.😀

This is a simple saying I did back when the weather was beginning to feel like Spring. I see many quotes similar to it {such as, Hello Fall}, so I tried it out.


  1. Yes! I am extremely exited about seeing all your creative journaling. Also I loved painting/being with you today!

  2. I will probably not be on my blog for a while the computer has been slow and can't download pictures!🙁