Friday, January 20, 2017

~Little Women~

Sometime last year my friend, Lydia, and our moms, decided to begin the journey of making a Civil War dress. We had read the enjoyable book Little Women, which did influence us! In the last month of 2016 I finished my dress. We wanted to have a Tea party with our hard- labored for dresses. I will say that I can't image making all my clothes. I feel quite sorry for the women in Civil War times!!! Anyway, here are a few pics of the dresses.

This is my dress...don't laugh at my pose, I was trying appear 1860ish☺

This is a picture of Laura ( she was wearing Lydia's mom's dress ), Lydia, and me in our dresses!
P.S. My mom took this beautiful picture!


  1. We certainly did learn a lot from reading Little Women.

  2. It took a long time but we learned so much making those dresses!

  3. I love the dresses! Wish I had time to make one too! ;)

    Hannah Leake

  4. This was such much fun. So glad we were able to make it possible! Great memories made with these little women.