Thursday, November 3, 2016

C r a f t y

Today I am going to give you a few ideas for crafts. I didn't come up with them on my own; I had some help from Pinterest.

  {Polaroid Frame}

What you will need:

~A Frame

~String or wire for the pictures to hang on ( I used string )

~Hooks to hang the thread and to hang on the wall

~Little clothes pins to clip onto the string, you can either paint the clothes pins, or you can buy them in colors like I did. ( I bought the clothes pins from Hobby Lobby)

How to:
  1. First you take your frame and paint. I did bought a plain wooden frame, and my Dad painted the frame white to match my room.
  2. Then you will take your hooks and put them on the side of the frame. It depends on the frame, but I did four rows.  
  3. Now take the the wall hook and screw onto the frame, if you don't already have one on the frame.
  4. Next I took my string and and knotted it twice onto the hooks, be sure to tie it on very tight. It will lower when you put the pictures on it if you don't tie it tight enough.
  5. Now you get to place the Polaroid pics on the thread with the clips.
  6. You now have a cute Polaroid frame!

{Headphone Holders}

What you will need:

~ Two Clothes pins
~Washi tape or Sharpies

How to:
  1. First you take your two clothes pins and glue them together with the clip part going the opposite way.
  2. When the glue dries you can either decorate the clothes pins with sharpie drawings or use washi tape. I found that washi tape is much cuter.
  3. Last of all you tie the headphones onto the holder. Voila!


What you will need:

~Plain note book or journal
~Decorative paper 
~Anything like stickers, fabric, or lace
~Ribbon ( if you want a bookmark )

How to:
  1. Take your plain note book and glue paper on front and back of journal.
  2. Next I glued paper on the inside on the front and back book.
  3. Now for the fun part you decorate any way you want to.
  4. What I did for decorating was glued a piece of fabric on the spiral and sewed on a piece of lace to the fabric on the back and front. I also took some cute pearl stickers and stuck them on the front.
  5. Now for the bookmark all you do is glue a long piece of ribbon, I used silk ribbon, and you can attach a charm at the end for fun!

That is basically all I have to show you today. I hope you enjoyed my little creations, make sure to try them out on your own, and add your own pizazz!


  1. All those ideas are really cool. The headphone holder is really nifty! I've decorated a journal before and it was a lot of fun.

  2. It sounds like you had lots of fun making these things. Pinterest always inspires me to create new creations. I tried to make Mom a headphone holder but I wasn't quite sure how to do it, now I can go make one for Mom! I also had a lot of fun making those journals for GTB.
    Have fun and keep creating!