Saturday, May 20, 2017

Beach Times

This week I enjoyed the beach for one beautiful day!
I was thinking, as I walked along the beach, how much God has blessed us with his nature, and that he knows the number of sand on the see shore is awesome!

In the picture above I had my friend french braid my hair, and we thought this was a really cute picture.

This is the front of my swimsuit!
We call this swimsuit modest, but many people have other prospects on modesty and whatever your family has standards for modesty, aways obey them!
Back to my swimsuit, I love this swimsuit. It comes in a xs, which comes in a benefit for me( if you can't tell by pictures I'm very petite). This swimsuit is from:

I forgot to mention that the top is the only thing from Lime Ricki, the bottoms are not!
Hope you enjoyed my short post on my swimsuit make sure to check Lime Ricki out if your looking for a cute but modest swimsuit!

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