Wednesday, February 8, 2017

English Country Dance

Even though it was several weeks ago, I wanted to share a short post about an English Country Dance I attended.
First of all, this dance is for home schoolers, eighth grade to seniors where you wear... I call "Pride and Prejudice" dress. The dancing was so much fun! You are supposed to dance with the guys who asked you, but you also can have a blast with your girl friends. Here is a collage of the dance.

In the left corner I am with some sweet girls Sydney and Laura; up in the right corner I am with Laura, just because it was our first year. Obviously, down at he bottom was everyone at the dance. Yes, I am very short! LOL!

The dress that I am wearing was made by my mom, an amazing seamstress I might say! Laura's dress was made by her mom as well.
Hope you enjoyed reading this simple post on my English Country Dance!

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